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Why do Businesses in Cyprus love working with Daily Deals?  




We have thousands of opt-in subscribers all hungry for fantastic offers from you, our local business community

We feature your exclusive offers to our subscribers which we promote with a great looking newsletter promoting only Your Deal - Your Business!.

On the day of your promotion, a newsletter is sent out to all our subscribers (your potential customers) with the full details of the offer, with professional artwork, entertaining text and a location map of your premises. Also a targeted social media ad campaign for your promotion starts on Facebook and Twitter.
We will additionally promote your deal through our associates the ‘Cyprus Mail’ both in the national press and on their website www.cyprus-mail.com. This will substantially raise the profile of your deal and potentially bring in many more customers, and there is NO cost to you for this additional exposure!
We only charge a success fee on vouchers that our subscribers have purchased - there are no flat fees or hidden extra costs. So, it's completely risk free - if we achieve no sales on your behalf, then the entire marketing and promotion effort has cost you nothing.
  Daily Deals CY provides an extremely cost-effective way of raising the profile of your business, building your brand in the local area, bringing new customers to you and up-selling your products or services in the future.
  This is an online deal only, so you are not discounting your prices for passing trade. This makes us unique and really protects the way you price your products or services whilst delivering additional customers who will come back again and again.
  Our Daily Dealers will come together to buy deals from you and continue buying the offer until the Deal closes.
  If you are a charity or local good cause, please do get in touch because we are committed to supporting such organizations.






How can I get my business promoted on Daily Deals CY?




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  Send an email to partner@dailydealscy.com and we will discuss the best way to promote your business, build your brand and increase your sales through Daily Deals CY.