Border Choice Swimming Pool Motifs

Border Choice Swimming Pool Motifs

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Gorgeous, inexpensive and easy-to-fit swimming pool motifs from Border Choice.

Can be made to fit over a drain hole.

Price includes VAT and delivery.

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Regular Price: €315.12

Special Price €220.58



Get a Border Choice motif to transform your pool. No need to empty. No need to glue. No need to get wet.

Want a border to go with your motif? See our Daily Deal here.


These fantastic quick fit pool art Motifs make an amazing transformation to your pool. No need to empty the water, no need for glue. Just place the Motif into the pool, gravity moves them simply through the water and holds them in place. You can fit from inside or outside the pool so no need to get wet.

'Mix and Match'

To create your Aqua Range motif:

  • Choose a centre motif (Classic Compass, Dolphin Lagoon, Sitting Pretty,  Turtle Beach)
  • Choose a Freedom Range border of your choice to wrap around it so your motif complements your border

from the drop-down lists above.

For more information and how to order your motif please contact us at


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  • For order / delivery enquiries please call Border Choice on (+357) 99 012 040 or email
  • Delivery time approx 14 days
  • The size of the motif is 1.15 metre diameter 
  • Shipping costs of €38 + VAT have been added to the cost of the motif
  • Can be made to fit over a drain hole
  • Bespoke motifs also available on request
  • Voucher valid for 30 days from issue
  • This deal cannot form part of any other Border Choice promotion and is not valid with other offers
  • Price includes VAT





  • Easy to fit
  • No need to empty your pool to fit
  • No special tools required
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be made to fit over a drain hole
  • Prices include VAT and delivery

Deal address

Border Choice Ltd

(+357) 99 012 040


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