Thank you for partnering with Daily Deals CY!

OK, here's what you need to know...

  • You can submit a new deal to us by using the 'Submit a deal'  form.
  • Your deal will be available to purchase from the time the deal launches on our website until a specified date. For most deals this will be the same date as the end of the validity period set for the voucher
  • Customers receive their voucher as soon as they complete payment for your deal, and they can use it straight away.
  • To redeem vouchers for payment, you will need to collect the voucher code AND the Redeem code that are printed on each voucher.
  • A voucher code looks like this  GVDTY-LJGFVS. Also on the voucher you will see the 6 digit redeem code - like this 4689237

We provide a 'Merchant Dashboard'  for you to redeem vouchers.

  • This verifies that every voucher is valid
  • It also prevents fraud (i.e. a voucher from being used more than once)
  • Vouchers need to be redeemed to qualify for payment from us


Setup / access your Merchant account

To access the Merchant Dashboard, you will first need to be logged in to your customer account on our website. (Click ACCOUNT at the top of our website and then Log In, or Register if you do not already have an account). Then...

  • Click on ACCOUNT / My Account then MERCHANT DASHBOARD
  • Complete the request for a merchant account.

We will upgrade your customer account to a merchant account, and then we'll assign your deals to your account.


Redeem vouchers in your Merchant Dashboard

You can access the Merchant Dashboard when you are logged in to our website and start redeeming vouchers for your deal(s).

You'll See the Merchant Dashboard link on your My Account screen.

The easiest way to redeem a voucher (which avoids typing in voucher codes) is as follows:

On the left menu click Manage Vouchers (1) and then Vouchers (2) - you'll see all the vouchers sold.

 You can quickly search for an individual voucher by starting to type the first few characters of a voucher code in the search box (3) and the list will auto-update.

Click Redeem Now (4) in the Actions column (note that this will say Redeemed if the voucher has already been used).

 Enter the 6 digit numeric Redeem Code from the voucher into the Redeem Code field (5), and click Verify (6)

You will see a confirmation on screen.

We pay you on the 2nd & 17th of each month for all the vouchers that you redeem.

It is your responsibility to redeem all received vouchers on the Merchant Dashboard to ensure that you receive full payment from us.

(If it is not practical to redeem vouchers at the point of sale, then you can collect the vouchers and redeem them on the Merchant Dashboard at a convenient time).

Here are some useful links for merchants..

If you have any questions please contact us.