Troodos Trout Masterclass Presented By The Cyprus School of Gastronomy

Troodos Trout Masterclass Presented By The Cyprus School of Gastronomy

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Learn a variety of ways to prepare Troodos Trout with this Master Class Presented By The Cyprus School of Gastronomy
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Presented By The Cyprus School of Gastronomy (Monkfish) (est 2013)

75 Chrisoneras No.2 8574 (opposite Atlantica Golden Beach Hotel)

Kissonerga Paphos Cyprus 

10.30 – 12.30 Monday 9th March 2020

The Cyprus School of Gastronomy presents a series of specialist Culinary & Wine Master Classes, open to local guests and International visitors, and separate to the Gastronomy School’s monthly local loyal Members’ Group event. Worldwide specialist chefs and wine experts are invited to present and share their culinary/connoisseur expertise during the Master Classes.

The informal, but informative, event programme, set amidst beautiful seaview surroundings of the Monkfish restaurant, will comprise of a culinary demonstration of a variety of ways to prepare Troodos Trout performed by the Master Chef George Halkides, after, enjoy a tasting of the succulent Troodos Trout with a glass of fine wine selected by a Sommelier to enhance the flavours.

The course aims to provide knowledge to the keen and interested cook, sharing traditional methods and ideas on one of Cyprus’ most sought-after regional fish delicacies. Questions to the Chef, and hands-on participation, are encouraged.

The course will be conducted primarily in English, with Greek speaking available.

Troodos Trout

The trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) of Troodos is a fresh-water cultivation, produced in hatcheries on the Troodos mountains range.

History: Since 1960, because of the infertility of the soil of the mountainous area of Troodos, people in many surrounding villages began to utilise the rivers and dams that existed in the area. This led to the development of trout cultivation. Since 1971, villages like Kakopetria, Platres and Foini, have become a destination both for locals and tourists for the consumption/purchase of the trout.

Production method: Trout production is carried out in reservoirs with spring water from the Troodos region. Its production, directly related to climatic conditions (especially temperature and rainfall), is carried out throughout the year. 




  • One voucher per person
  • May buy multiple vouchers as gifts
  • 9th March- “Troodis Trout Master Class”
  • Event starts at 10.30am
  • Minimum of 10 & maximum of 30 participants
  • Advance booking is essential on 99987672
  • Extra beverages payable by consumption direct to the venue



An Introduction

The Cyprus School of Gastronomy is part of the Gastronomy Cyprus Group which promotes specialist Gastronomy and Wine Appreciation Demonstrations, Events and Excursions for locals and International visitors.


Experience Master, Executive Chefs and guest cooks – local in Cyprus and from abroad, preparing local dishes, such as Troodos Trout and International dishes, who during the culinary classes communicate innovative ideas for preparation, marinating, techniques, cooking methods and presentation par-excellence, in what promises to be a brilliantly informative demonstration, sharing ingenious culinary ideas.


These fun, monthly informal classes are designed for enthusiastic intermediate cooks, focusing on specific cuisines. There’s absolutely no substitute for touching, feeling and tasting mouth watering cuisine.


We invite you to savour the aroma, experience flavours that will revive your senses, and take a culinary journey that will reinvigorate your passion for food. Your experience will be an unforgettable one!


Deal address

Cyprus School of Gastronomy

75 Chrisoneras No.2 8574

Kissonerga Paphos Cyprus


Contact - Janice Ruffle
t. 99987672


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